Salmon Fishing – Campbell River – 2014

For the past few years my family has gone to the West Coast for a few days of salmon fishing with my brother’s family. The west coast of Vancouver island is amazing for fishing and for the last 20 years we have not even considered the inside passage. This year tried it out and was not disappointed. In fact, it reminded me of my adventures with my family over 30 years ago when we used light gear to catch Coho salmon and would have amazing fish plays as the Coho would jump out of the water trying to get free as you reeled it in. Was fantastic to have three generations of family in boat to experience it.

My brother Mike is an amazing guide and is a real treat to go fishing with. Not only is he the best fisherman I know but he is also amazing with people. My kids love him and he has way more patience than I do. A day on the boat is always fun with him even if we don’t catch fish (which actually never happens).

This particular day was off the lighthouse of Quadra Island. Well technically closer to the red buoy. We were just jigging instead of trolling so we could all fish. Trolling would have likely been better to avoid all the dog fish. Huge amounts of dog fish which were swarming under the boat. We saw lots of heron balls being pushed up by the dog fish and salmon. I even caught a few of these small fish when casting. I saw a few people catch seagulls when casting which is a huge headache to try and unhook as they fight with you the entire time.

You will notice I am sporting my new fishermans hat (8$ from Canadian Tire) and the army shemagh. At first I was hesitant to put on the shemagh (basically an army looking big cotton scarf) as I thought it would be too hot but as my neck started turning a different colour I decided to put it on. Was a life saver as it saved my neck from being roasted. Too bad I didn’t have a long sleeve as my arms did get a bit of a burn.

The big even of this trip was the giant Cabazon that Josh brought in at the end of the day. It must have been over 10 pounds and he brought it in on his little baby rod and reel.


Thanks to Mike as well for helping clean the fish. Fish cleaning was never my best skill and he did 4 in the time it took me to do half of one.

Today is rest day but tomorrow we go for ling cod and the next day we go for clams and oysters!

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