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22 May 2016

2016 Spring Black Bear Hunt

For the second time I set off to the Caribou to go bear hunting. Lately, I have been super busy at work and haven’t had much time to prepare. I did do some of the more important
6 Aug 2014

Salmon Fishing – Campbell River – 2014

For the past few years my family has gone to the West Coast for a few days of salmon fishing with my brother’s family. The west coast of Vancouver island is amazing for fishing and for the
1 Jun 2014

Elite Learning in the Bush

I was recently lucky enough to spend the weekend in the bush with a a few fellow Search & Rescue members and a highly trained Special Forces member. While I can’t go into details on this individual
17 Sep 2013

Bears and People

Watching a bear from our boat (a safe distance away). The other day I was driving up the road, coming back from a run at Minnekhada Park in Coquitlam, BC when I saw what I thought was
18 Aug 2013

Camping at Golden Ears Park

My idea of camping is hiking to an isolated destination to get away from the city and to see something spectacular such as a lake or waterfall and then to camp in that area for a night
5 Aug 2013

Critter Cove

Every year we make the trek from Port Coquitlam, BC (near Vancouver) over to Critter Cove to meet up with other family members and do four days of intense fishing. The trip there takes about a good