14 Apr 2017

OSINT Resources

Below are resources for conducting Open Source Intelligence. OSINT Preparation Penetration Testing Exaction Standard Common Sense Security Framework XMind Freemind VirtualBox VMWare Workstation Player Kali BugCrowd HackerOne  OSINT Physical Hurricane Electric Robtex Internet-Wide Scan Data Repository Censys
9 Apr 2017

Race Review: Diez Vistas 50KM Ultra 2017

The Diez Vistas race is challenging because it is so early in the season. It doesn’t give runners too much nice weather to train in. As a result, a lot of this training is in the rain.
18 Sep 2016

The Art of Leadership – Vancouver 2016

Today I attended a delightful conference hosted by an organization called The Art of Leadership. I have been to a lot of these sorts of conferences and some of the speakers I have seen before. For instance,
22 May 2016

2016 Spring Black Bear Hunt

For the second time I set off to the Caribou to go bear hunting. Lately, I have been super busy at work and haven’t had much time to prepare. I did do some of the more important
16 May 2016

2015 Search & Rescue Swift Water Rescue Technician – Chilliwack

Video of recent swift water course in Chilliwack.
10 Apr 2016

Race Review: Diez Vistas 50KM Ultra 2016

This was my first time doing the DV50 and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I live in Coquitlam so the DV is in my backyard. I train around Buntzen Lake and enjoy the
16 Jan 2016

Employee Engagement is a Corporations Conscience

My favourite organizational metric is Employee Engagement. I seem to be the minority of people who like this metric. Most don’t seem to see the value in it. I however think it should be the key primary
10 Sep 2015

2015 Knee Knacker Trail Race Review

Early in the season I was looking at exciting races and saw the Knee Knacker, a 50 KM trail race (intro video) that basically covers the North Shore of Vancouver. It starts at Horseshoe Bay and ends
21 Mar 2015

What trail running taught me about making strategic decisions

Recently I attended one of the provinces most prestigious university business schools to learn about Strategic Decision Making. I was really looking forward to the course as I wanted to know how those leaders made split second
15 Oct 2014

2014 Cumberland MOMAR Adventure Race

Several months ago I wrote a post on my decision to do the 2014 MOMAR and the team mates who decided to join me in this adventure. This race report will outline the details of that adventure,